If you have recently gotten a new position working as a hauler for an oilfield, you will soon be enjoying the monetary benefits this profession is often associated with. This is a demanding job, however, often with long hours in exchange for the paycheck you will be receiving. In order to stay safe while on the road, it is important to take a few precautionary steps. Here are some tips you can use to keep your rig from becoming damaged and yourself from becoming injured while working as an oilfield hauler.

Use The Right Vehicle

When moving around drums of oil or water from the job site to your company's main hub, airports, or shipyards, it is important to use the correct vehicle. Many oilfield trucking companies will offer a helping hand in selecting the right fit vehicle for the job you need to do. Do not skimp with renting or purchasing a vehicle that will not handle the weight or load you will be hauling, as this can cause tipping or uneven weight distribution when transporting the goods.

Take Time To Rest

With the demand of long hours on the road, the work will catch up to you if you do not make a conscious effort to sleep regularly. When you have time off from work, do not schedule activities that involve overexertion. Relax as much as possible during these times. When you are working for several days in a row, take cat naps as much as you can in between hauls. If you feel tired while driving, pull over and call your supervisor to let them know you must rest before continuing.

Be Aware Of Road Conditions

When you work in an oilfield, there are often makeshift dirt roads to navigate. When doing this in nighttime hours, you are at risk for damage to your truck and the goods you are hauling if you cannot see which path you are using to get to main roads. Take the time to look over the trails during daytime hours if possible so you are familiarized with the way you need to drive to get in and out safely. Take the roads in these areas slow and save faster speeds for the highway.

Service Your Vehicle Regularly

Driving in primitive road terrain conditions will take a toll on your vehicle quickly. Failing to keep your truck maintained can have dire consequences while on the open road. Make sure to check tire pressure before each haul and adhere to weight restrictions. Service your brakes according to your truck manual's schedule and check the fluids regularly. To keep the paycheck you are soon going to be obtaining, maintaining your truck should be done so you do not suffer from unneeded downtime due to repair issues. 

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