As a manufacturer that needs to get your products from place to place, as your company grows, you'll need to enlist the help of a trucking company to move your products from your warehouse out to different customers. Instead of using the first trucking company you see, do some research and find out about the following things before deciding which trucking company you'll go with.

Ways of Tracking Your Products

Trucking companies offer different ways for you to know where your products are at any point throughout the journey. Some companies provide the driver's phone number, others use global positioning systems (GPS), and there are yet more methods of staying in contact. Before signing a contract with any one company, be sure you know exactly how they can help you monitor the transport of your products.

Type of Loads Transported

Another thing you'll have to find out before using a particular trucking service is the type of load they'll transport for you. Some trucking companies transport exclusively pallet loads, which means that you and your employees will need to purchase and load pallets with your products before the trucks can haul them. Pallets stop your products from rolling about freely, and that may reduce damage during transport. However, using pallets causes delays in work production and you may need to train your employees about how to properly handle and load them.

You may just opt to go with a trucking company that will transport your products in loose boxes. Because your boxes don't have to share the truck with pallets, you might be able to fit more products in the back of the truck; this might be a cost-saving measure for you.

Claims Process

Like any business, a trucking services company probably has some kind of insurance in place for accidents or damage. However, of particular interest to you should be what the process would be like if something should happen to your load. How quickly can you expect resolution or compensation if something goes wrong? What happens if there is a dispute over who is responsible for what happened? Answers to insurance-related questions like those can help you better determine whether a particular trucking company can be a good partner for your business.

The information detailed above can help you make smart decisions about which trucking company you will use to transport your products. Talk more with trucking companies in the area--such as Chilliwack truck company--to best discover which company is the best fit for you and your company.