A skid steer loader is a popular engine-powered machine with lift arms that are compatible with different types of attachments. These types of machines are very popular because they are smaller than other types of heavy equipment, but they are incredibly versatile and can be used in many different types of jobs and projects. If your company is in the market to purchase a used skid steer loader, use the following tips:

Understand the Brands

Before looking at any used skid steer loaders being sold, it is important to do some research and get a feel for the the different brands available. This will allow you to learn what brands are known for high quality, and what brands are much less popular because they need frequent repair or don't last long. When you have this information, it will help you select a used skid steer loader that is a good value.

Search for Machines that were Used Part-Time

While some companies use a skid steer loader on a full time basis for different projects, there are many that do not. Ideally, you should look for a skid steer loader that was used on a part-time basis, or even less. Like any other type of machinery, the less hours it has been used, the less wear and tear it has. Before agreeing to purchase a used skid steer loader, don't forget to ask how many hours a week it was used on average.

Focus on Horsepower

In addition to asking about the number of hours that a skid steer loader has been used, make it a point to focus on the horsepower of the machine. The higher the horsepower, the longer the engine will run without problems before it needs to be totally overhauled. Ideally, you should try to find a skid steer loader with as few hours as possible, with a very high horsepower.

Know How Soon You Need It

When you order a used skid steer loader, make sure you understand exactly how long it will take for your machine to arrive at your facility. If you need the skid steer loader in a timely manner, look for a used heavy equipment dealer that offers same day shipping so you know that your skid steer loader will leave and be on its way as soon as your order is processed. How long it will take to arrive can be especially important if you need a skid steer loader to replace an old one that is no longer operating properly. 

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